Fairness: Mosque At Ground Zero

Recently a few people have been posting on Facebook, Twitter, etc about how we (citizens of the US) should be against allowing a Mosque at Ground Zero.

In all fairness here are the only two options that would make logical sense. And if you are really “Patriotic” these really are the only two options as any others would be against the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

1) No individual or group is allowed to build or construct any structure, temporary or permanent on the ground in question. Additionally, the term “god” or any derivative thereof will be banned from “public” view on the premises.
2) On the premises in question a building shall be established for the sole purpose of religious tolerance which will house areas for each and every religion currently, or eventually, in practice.

Personally, I’m with the first one as the second would cause too many additional issues.

4 thoughts on “Fairness: Mosque At Ground Zero

  1. rsecor Post author

    It should be noted that information originally given said the mosque was “at” the location not “near” the location as it has been stated after some time and still sometimes reported on incorrectly by others.

  2. Mia

    The muslims lost this right after dcniarleg war on the west and specifically America. A mosque being built at ground zero, the site where muslims began their war on America, should not be allowed. Under normal circumstances the muslims would have freedom of religion and appropriate expression, however, after having declared war on us their rigts to spread their filth should be ceased immediately. How do we knoe this mosque won’t serve as Terrorist HQ? The onus of proof should now be on the muslims to prove their peaceful intentions by total transparency and show some respect and move it elsewhere. I am aghast to hear so many westerners take umbrage at those who wish to burn the Koran on the principle that it violates respect and tolerance. The lack of respect and tolerance towards the west from muslims appears to have escaped their attention entirely. Building a mosque right where the muslims brutally murdered 3000+ people.

    1. rsecor Post author

      @Mia: By your comment I see how biased you are. Based on what you have said here you might want to think about other things that have happened and how more groups would be effected by your way of thinking.

      You have successfully shown that you will blame an entire group for what only a small portion of that group has done.

      1. Aziah

        26th August 2010 at 4:49 pmThis response to Tanith is a bit more in keenipg with the usual sentiments expressed on that site:”- Tanith, Co Durham, 26/8/2010 5:11The Halal food truck is there BECAUSE the majority of Americans are tolerant of other races and religions. Also, how would you feel about Friday Muslim prayers being performed on the 7/7 trains? Or prayer rooms being set at the 7/7 stations? Would you be ok with that? Are you a Muslim who feels that all of these attacks are warranted?Why doesn’t Park51 build a TRUE community centre by collaborating with each religion to bring NYC a 20 story building that houses not only a swimming pool and athletic courts but also a place for Christians, Catholics, Jews, Muslims, and Agnostics to worship together? The costs could be shared by all and each and every interest would be represented. Wouldn’t THAT be giving back to the community and promoting tolerance, love, and understanding?- Paul (expat) and Jane, Shreveport” Reply

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