Monthly Archives: March 2011

Best Buy Biased

Seriously. I was in this store for awhile being completely ignored for those with breasts or were being profiled as someone that should be watched over.

Remind me to look like I’m about to rob the place or to bring a woman with me to this specific Best Buy in the future.

Anyway. To another Best Buy I go to buy some replacement ear buds for my iPhone 4 (lost the last pair) and to ask them to match Apple’s price.

iPhone 4 ear buds (plus tax)
Best Buy: $41.00
Apple: $29.00

Seriously! $12.00 more!


Apple iPad 2 & WordPress Application

Today I was able to get the new Apple iPad 2 in the 32 gb variety.
Unfortunately the 64 gb ones were unavailable.

So far I’ve gotten all my existing apps from my iPhone organized on it; Keeping only those I plan on keeping on the iPad.

Just downloaded an app to work with WordPress. It’s already crashed once.
It’s also complaining, saying “Sorry, the theme for your blog could
not be retrieved. A simple preview is shown below.” whenever I hit preview.
Presumably there may be a work-a-round for this, however I’ll wait to see what happens in future versions.

Since it’s free I’m not complaining….

It would be great to see a way to administrate the category list. And maybe even edit content in HTML.

Well. More stuff to do. Including going to sleep.