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As a professional in computers (Internet, Servers, Workstations, Website Programming, etc) for over 15 years now I do not understand why the ratings will be separated unless Netflix and Qwikster will not be sister companies and owned by two completely different entities.
It certainly would be fairly easy to keep these ratings under one account and then have sub accounts for Netflix Streaming and Quikster Mailing under it.

Additionally, it would be nice if we could rate individual episodes of TV shows (and maybe even track content on a DVD).

On a note of naming: isn't anyone worried that calling it Qwikster is too close to Quickstar (from the owners of Amway)?

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    1. Soledad

      It will be a lot less convenient as now that I will have to goto 2 drffeient sights to get the movies I want. Althought this is compounded by the fact that a lot of the streaming shows I watch seem to have episodes missing that are only available on DVD. So its kind of a BS move, unless they radically update their shows s in their streaming service.

      1. rsecor Post author

        They don’t have rights to a lot of the shows/movies to stream. The DVDs they can just buy and rent out without a problem.
        Unless they figure out a way to get streaming rights to more “good” shows/movies Netflix is going to keep declining in membership (as far as streaming goes).

    1. Salil

      Hulu? I’ve heard of it. Can you tell me more? I love my DVR and don’t know if I could live without rerdnoicg Grey’s and Desperate House Wives! Welcome Shannon! I’m now following you too.

      1. rsecor Post author

        If you want to try Hulu goto and sign up. That way you can try the “Plus” version as well.
        They have both a free and a pay model. The free model only gives you access to a handful of stuff; Whereas “Plus” gives you access to a whole lot more.
        I believe they have both Grey’s and Desperate Housewives. So, enjoy and feel free to come back and let us know what you think.

  1. Mason Bech

    Hi there, just wanted to tell you, I loved this article. It was helpful. Keep on posting!

    1. Fernando

      Yeah the two different sites are not thnlilirg me either. Sometimes if I was browsing for a movie by name Netflix would tell me if they could stream it or ship it via DVD. If it’s something old that they didn’t have ready for Streaming sometimes they would have it for DVD and I could easily add it to my Queue. Now with this new move of theirs I would have to browse for that same movie in two different websites. This is actually reducing the amount of service that they used to have. I still haven’t made up my mind on what I m going to do.

      1. rsecor Post author

        I didn’t want to pay twice as much to have both streaming and DVD rentals so I actually only do the streaming with Netflix.
        Netflix really is not what it once was…. they’ve lost the rights to too many good movies/shows.

      2. Alexis

        That’s some good, sound advice. I never tried it, but I hear evryeone rave about the service. I’m a YouTube man, myself. Bad quality, as compared to a DVD, but it’ll suffice. I stopped watching TV when I was a teen (decades ago), and had a tube-type TV in the basement that I tried to dump for so long. Finally got rid of it without anyone in the house complaining, because TV is digital now (don’t mention the analog to digital converter!). I might look into the streaming to computer…

  2. Amar

    There is a program that you put on your PC and you can watch alot of chnenals on the Wii, XBOX and PS3. Hulu is one of the chnenals! The program is called play on and is very easy to use It was free when I got it! As for DVD and Blu-Ray I have been using Redbox more than anything and now they do the games also I know that there is not the selection on Redbox as there is on Netflix but I am willing to deal with it. You got my number techgeekdad give me a call and I will tell you more about the program maybe you can do a write up on it!

    1. rsecor Post author

      PlayOn looks interesting. But for anything more than sharing your data it requires licensing fees from PlayOn and in some cases from the parties that the data is coming from (such as Netflix).
      On OSX I’ve been using Playback ( )to share my data to Xbox 360s and PS3s.

  3. Octavio

    on two seperate wesibtes is actually a bad thing.a0 This statement just comes a few weeks after announcing that they wanted to launch Qwikster which makes you wonder why they couldn’t figure this out

    1. rsecor Post author

      Who knows what they were thinking when they were deciding this. Some of it was probably about money; They need more of it to pay for streaming rights to more stuff. Unfortunately, the membership increase has not seemed to help them buy more streaming rights as of yet.

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