2 thoughts on “Which Thor would win?

  1. The Spatula King

    Thor, Supreme Commander of the Asgard Fleet from the Stargate Universe FTW! Marvel’s Thor would come at him with that silly little hammer and Stargate’s Thor would simply beam him into outer space.

  2. LarimarIII

    From Stargate Wiki: “Thor explained to Gairwyn that he was part of a race who had visited Earth often and were protectors and friends of all save the Goa’uld.”
    Now, while Thor on Thor action would be a great, though misleading “Marvel Comics” Cover, True Believers, it wouldn’t likely happen. They’d work together against some mutual foe.
    However, if Marvel Thor were infected with a Goa’uld, we may get to see if SG: Thor could lift the mighty Mj√∂lnir (meow ner?) and smite that silly snake.

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